Have you ever used a steel wool or sandpaper in your restoration projects? If your answer is yes then you must know the process takes a horribly long time to finish. Yet it is a step you cannot skip if you want your project to look nice and clean in the end. For bigger projects there is actually another thing you can do to make the process a lot faster. Sandblasting, it technically is like sandpaper but from the name itself it is propelling rough materials like sand or fiber glass to smooth out a surface.  

Sandblasting Here is a link of a company who offers sandblasting services if you have a restoration project you want to do. Click on the link sandblasting Jacksonville for more information. So, here are some things about sandblasting you might like to know.  

  • Is sand the only material used for the blasting?  

Although it is in the name sandblasting, no, sand isn’t the only materials used as an abrasive materials to smoothed out a surface. There are many others like glass beads or water, it actually depends on what finish you want and how you want to do it or the situation in it.  

  • What surfaces can we use sandblasting for?  

The most common probably is cast iron. Cast iron can be sandblasted especially if there are paint that is already chipping on it. You can remove the chipping paint and have a new coat san diego home restoration to it if that is what you want.  

Wood. You might think that sandblasting a wood may break it, but not really. Like cast irons wood needs a little revamping when paint is peeling so a good sandblasting could be a way to go.  

Concrete and brick. Still the same with the first two you may need to sandblast a concrete or a brick to remove dirt, or markings, oil spills, asbestos and make it look clean and new.   

  • Is sandblasting expensive?  

There are many companies out there that will give you the figures. If you haven’t tried this before it is better to call a professional for this. They can help you decide which is the better sandblasting technique you should avail and that you can afford. In average the cost of sandblasting services is estimated between $600 to $ 1500 dollars.  

  • Is insurance important?  

Although it is not common as professionals know the best way to handle the job without damaging the item it is still a good idea to have a mexican insurance if there are accidents. This can give you the peace of mind that if ever some accident will happen you are already covered.  

  • Do you need a permit for this?  

In some cities or states they will require permits if you are having a work done. It is better that you check with your local authorities for this. This will ensure that when the work starts there is no headache for you and your workers.